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Underage Development Committee

posted 19 Mar 2013, 16:40 by Unknown user
An underage development committee has been formed within the Club with the responsibility of identifying areas that could be improved upon in order to help out the underage Officers and determine ways to attract new players to the Club (and hold on to the ones we have). Underage football is the foundation for any club and it is vital that we utilise any talents at our disposal to promote the game for the younger generation. They are our future!

The first order of business was to ensure that the players’ welfare is always a priority. With this in mind, the Club have decided that the role of Child Protection Officer is far too important, and sensitive, a position to burden one person with and are delighted to announce the appointments of Ju Lei Kelly and Jane Lowry to the positions. Ju Lei is a medical professional and can often be found on the sideline caring for players’ injuries while Jane, a mother of four, is one of the Club’s biggest supporters, regularly attending games at all age levels. Thankfully, to date, we haven’t had much need for the role, and hopefully we never do, but it is of utmost importance that players, parents, or anyone else for that matter, have someone within the club that they can confide in, in the strictest of confidence, if they are suffering from abuse of any kind, or are concerned about the welfare of any underage member.